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Bella-Button Bella-Button Our cute little Bella-rina! :) 147490110 147490109 Our precious little Bella-Button! 146775684 146775685 146775687 146775686 146775688 Pretty in Pink! 146775689 146775690 146775691 Bella, pouting. (getting a bit tired of the camera!) 146775692 146775693 Barely awake! 146775694 146775695 No longer cooperating, but she's still so stinking cute! 146775696 146775697 Bella, Skyping with her cousin, Peanut, in Michigan! 146775698 She loves her crate, except at night when we want her to sleep in there... :) She's decided a MUCH better place to sleep is snuggled up with me. (I think so too...) 146775699 Completely 'pooped' out! 146775700 She loves her little house! 146775701 She also loves her binky! 146775702 Such a little goofball! She is SOOO playful, but when she's done playing- she CRASHES! We love our little Bella! 146775703

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